PAST EVENT: Trio FolkTales & Marimba Duo

Op dinsdag geniet je van, niet één, maar twee concerten van de studenten van het Conservatorium. Sit back and relax voor een heerlijk stukje modern klassiek. 


22 juni: Trio FolkTales & Marimba Duo 


20u: Trio FolkTales 

'Once upon a time...' is a project by master students of the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. They are Konstantina Thanopoulou (singer, presenter), Cintia Lomba Lomba (clarinet), Balázs Klacsák (saxophone) and Alina Taraban (piano). They come from completely different backgrounds and cultures, however they were brought together by following their passion for music to the city of Antwerp.

In 'Once upon a time...' they aim to show their own cultural background, while at the same time experiencing the input by the other participants. The performance includes music written not only by composers from the past, but also by composers from today, as well as poems, folk melodies and folk tales from Ukraine, Spain and Hungary. They worked along with three composers from the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp who each wrote a piece based on a melody from a specific country. The three new compositions are: ‘Pastoral’ written by Rúben Borges (Portugal), ‘Fog ravine’ written by Lara Denies (Belgium) and ‘Variations on a Hungarian folk-song’ written by Lucas van Vlierberghe (Belgium).

Their aim with this production is to create a diverse multicultural performance and show parts of their cultural heritage to the audience.

Trio FolkTales


21u: Marimba Duo


The marimba is an instrument with a long and rich history worldwide, but it has only in recent decades been embraced by the Classical Music genre. Through a programme of exciting music from around the world, we will demonstrate the versatile voice of the contemporary marimba; playing new compositions inspired by pop, folk and jazz music, as well as adaptations of well known Classical works by the likes of Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Ravel.


Marimba Duo
Vrije toegang

Dinsdag 29 juni binnen in de Lounge

Aanvang 1ste concert: 20u
Aanvang 2de concert: 21u 

Hosted by de studenten van het Conservatorium 

Let's keep it safe: wear your mask (no entry without)




Minkelersstraat 2
2600 Berchem

51.207681, 4.437848



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