PAST EVENT: Sneak Peek: Countersex Education By Tabooboo

  • Tabooboo gave their first Countersex Education in March 2020.


At the Zomerfabriek Tabooboo will continue the research and give their second class. 


How can we unlearn existing, dominant structures and create new alternative forms of sexuality? Before we wanna learn new thingz (ecosex, petplay, dildoplay…), it’s time to unlearn some shit! Maybe we can learn new sexualities like new languages? Your teach, Tabooboo, will help you to become foreign to your own sexuality and lose yourself in translation!!!

Class is accessible to: intersex bodies, transgender and transsexual bodies, queens, diesel dykes, faggots, butches, the hysterical, the horny and the frigid, the sexually disabled and the mentally ill, hermaphrodykes, etc. and also to  straights. 



Language: English & Nederlands

After the performance there will be a question ping pong with the artist. 



concept, performing, text by Maxime Dreesen
big thanks to De Studio, CAMPO, Theater FroeFroe, Frank Vercruyssen, Simon Baetens, Julie Cafmeyer, Monty Kultuurfaktorij

Artiest houdt banaan vast
Vrije toegang

Vrijdag 18 juni


20u in de Lounge 


Performance over seksualiteit door Tabooboo


**Breng je mondmasker mee**





Minkelersstraat 2
2600 Berchem

51.207681, 4.437848

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