Panlink Saxophone Quartet

Program (provisional): Pieces by Béla Bartók, Ferenc Farkas, Guillermo Lago, David Maslanka. Facebook page: . The Panlink Saxophone Quartet is born in 2020, from the collaboration of four saxophone players who studied together at Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, under the guide of M˚ Hans de Jong. The current group sees Balázs Klacsák on the soprano saxophone, the Vadim Tkachuk on alto saxophone, Emidio Ranieri Tomeo on tenor saxophone and Raffaele Manuel Padula on baritone saxophone. In the summer of 2021, the group opened their concert season playing right at Zomerfabriek, after which they went playing through all Italy. For 2022 second tour is in the works in new places in Italy and with a new repertoire to show.


5 juli 


Om 20u in de Lounge





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