Grab the Mic


Spoken word, slam, muziek en heel veel liefde: dat zijn de Grab the Mic Wednesdays van Mama’s Open Mic! Zelf schitteren op het podium met jouw woorden of met je eigen instrument? Je kan je ter plekke inschrijven vanaf 20u. Gewoon lekker meeluisteren met een drankje kan natuurlijk ook. 

"How does it work?" Afbeelding verwijderd. - We're giving Open Micers a spot in between the headliners. Before each headliner performs there will be 3 spots for Open Mic'ers to perform. To ensure all artists have enough time, each Open Micer gets a set of max. 3 minutes. To ensure we have enough time for everyone, we ask that this time limit is respected.

"Ok, ok where do I sign up?" Afbeelding verwijderd.- All you have to do is show up! Starting from 8pm, you can sign up at the event and get assigned a spot in the lineup. Spots in the Open Mic are on a first come, first serve basis so make sure to be on time!

"Can I bring my own music?" Afbeelding verwijderd. - YESS! Bring your own music on a USB-stick (!) or bring your own instrument. Make sure to soundcheck beforehand, just ask the technician.

"I can't this edition, when's the next time I can come?" Afbeelding verwijderd.- Lucky for you, there’s one every Wednesday, with the last one on the 24th of August. See you there! In case you didn't know, we also host Jammin' Sundays, same venue starting at 19h. Poets, rappers, dancers and musicans are welcome to join our jams!

MOM is a "safer space", meaning there is no room for -isms (racism, sexism, ableism, ageism,...) nor for phobias (fatphobia, islamophobia, transphobia,...). In the name of empowerment and inclusion we will be facilitating an environment of mutual respect and take the necessary measures to KEEP it that way!!

Hosted by Mama's Open Mic

Vrije toegang

Elke woensdag

om 20u binnen in de Lounge of buiten op het terras

22 en 29 juni

6, 13, 20, 27 juli

3, 10, 17, 24 augustus

Hosted by Mama's Open Mic