Glauka Wind Quintet

CONJURO A heart reflected in the wind. Quinteto Glauka introduces a unique concert programme focused on the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca and the composer Manuel de Falla, in order to celebrate the centenary of the book Poema del 'Cante Jondo' in 2021 and the intellectual and friendly relationship that both artists shared. The three selected arrangements show how well Manuel de Falla treated the pallet of colours in his music, making the Spanish folklore a tool of his own that was mixed with impressionist techniques to stablish his musical language. Therefore, when the public listen to the two well-known ballet dances - 'El Amor Brujo' and 'El Sombrero de Tres Picos' - and 'Cuatro Piezas Españolas' can’t help to imagine and recognise most of the poetic words that suggested the music to Falla. Moreover, the contemporary piece 'Grito al Cielo' is a commission that Quinteto Glauka made to the Spanish composer Pilar Miralles, who wrote a piece inspired in a selection of poems from the book 'Poema del Cante Jondo'. In her work, Miralles has connected music and poetry as a tribute to Lorca who said that ‘’poetry doesn’t aim to talk about music but to be verbal music itself’’. Conjuro is an interdisciplinary project that welcomes both contemporary and folklorik music the same way that Lorca and Falla reclaimed for their work the Spanish tradition they learned against an increasing, globalized and unpersonal world.


Manuel de Falla – Danza del Molinero

Manuel de Falla – Cuatro Piezas Españolas

I. Aragonesa

II. Cubana

III. Montañesa

IV. Andaluza


Pilar Miralles – Grito al cielo

I. Baladilla de los tres ríos

II. El grito

III. Pueblo

IV. Danza en el huerto de la Petenera

V. Conjuro

VI. De profundis

VII. Y después


Manuel de Falla – Danza del Fuego

Vrije toegang

23 augustus


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